Children's Dance Classes

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Inspiring Self Belief

Kings Academy of Performing Art's ( Sarisbury Green, Southampton) is a traditional dance school. We aim to inspire self-belief in our students and empower them to achieve their dreams. We are a close-knit, family dance school and we believe that each and every student, parent, teacher and friend deserves to feel uplifted, appreciated, included and empowered after every class. We have many great classes to choose from including Tap, Ballet and adult fitness classes.

Choose Your Age Group

Kings Academy offer theatre dance classes for all ages in Southampton UK. Select your age group below to find out more information.

Lower School Dance

View our range of dance classes for babies, Toddlers and young children aged 0-7 Years.

Lower School

Junior Dance School

We offer a 4 core program to dancers aged 7-11 Year old to give them an all round dance education.

Junior School

Senior Dance School

View our Dance classes for our senior school. These dance classes are for teenagers aged 12-18 Years.

Senior School

Children's Dance Classes in Southampton

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Lower Dance School (2-7 Years)

Develop a love of music, a passion for movement and make friends for life! A carefully crafted exploration of dance, music and the performing arts. In an imaginative and engaging theme-based class, our youngest dancers learn the fundamentals of dance technique. All students learn elements of Classical Ballet, Modern Theatre, Musical Theatre Jazz, Tap dance alongside street, acting and singing in one fun-filled class.

Junior Dance School (7-11Years)

Dance Friends really do make the best friends and dancing with your best friends is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. Find your tribe in our carefully designed Core 4 Programme, where we educate our dancers in Modern Theatre, Classical Ballet, Tap Dance and Jazz Tech, or dance the afternoon away in our Extra Curricular classes like Street, Acrobatic Arts and Contemporary.

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Senior Dance School (12-18 Years)

The Students are trained like professional dancers but treated like family. We aim to inspire all that walk through our doors to believe they can be anything they want to be. To dream big, work hard, and know that anything is possible. Students can continue through our Core 4 Programme, or stay with our extra curricular classes if they are dancing for fitness and fun. We have an Enhanced Programme specifically created to facilitate their dreams of Vocational Dance College for those students that wish to go on to dance professionally.

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Kings Creative Company

There are so many pathways in the world of Performing Arts, being able to sing and act opens endless opportunities.

What is Kings Creative Company?

Kings Creative Company creates theatre and performs 3 times a year at a local venue such as the Ashcroft Arts Centre to allow the students to have that theatre experience they love so much. They will be involved with the whole creative process, from the auditions to the choice in piece, costumes and set.

Creative Company